• Happy Birthday NHS! 5 July 2018 Posted in: NHS News - Happy Birthday NHS! As our infamous National Health Service turns 70 today, we take this opportunity to celebrate it's achievements and to thank the extraordinary 1.4 million NHS staff members, who make it all possible.Over the last 70 years, the NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation and become the envy of the world. We will look at the radical thinking that led to the creation of the NHS, how it’s evolved to meet our changing needs and the innovations we can look forward to over the next 70 years.Where it all BeganHealth Secretary, Aneurin Bevan, launched the NHS at Park… Read More →
  • Peto MD on BBC South Today 12 June 2018 Posted in: NHS News - St Mary’s hospital on the Isle of Wight is considering whether to discontinue certain medical treatments on the Island, meaning that 11% of patients will have to travel to the mainland to receive treatment. Managing Director of Peto, Iain Mackinnon, offers his opinion as to why a solution that will facilitate the 24/7 transportation needs of patients between the Isle of Wight and South Coast hospitals is crucial. "It would be wonderful if there was a first rate, fully stocked district hospital here on the Island, but that’s not really going to be practical given the population and the limit… Read More →
  • Motor Neurone Disease Awareness 1 June 2018 Posted in: Health - As June is Motor Neurone Disease month, or MND for short, we are taking the opportunity to explain more about this horrendous disease and what we can all do to help. Living with MND For those who don't know, MND is a progressive neurological condition that attacks the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. This means that messages gradually stop reaching the muscles, which can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. MND is typically fatal in just 2-5 years and there is currently no cure. There is also no known cause for the disease, with it attacking… Read More →
  • Mental Health Awareness 25 May 2018 Posted in: Health - This Mental Health Week, the theme was 'Stress: are we coping?' Stress is a natural reaction to many situations in life, such as work, family, relationships and money problems. A moderate amount of stress can help us perform better in challenging situations, but too much or prolonged stress can lead to physical problems. Three steps to take when feeling stressed are: 1. Realise when it is causing you a problem Try to make the connection between feeling tired or ill and the pressures you are faced with Look out for physical warnings such as tense muscles, over-tiredness, headaches or migraines 2.… Read More →
  • NHS Digital Programme Set To Improve Following Government Funding 16 April 2018 Posted in: NHS News - In an article by Digital Health, it was recently revealed that the government has announced it is releasing £760 million into the NHS, which includes money to improve the use of its digital programme as part of the national health body’s 70th birthday. The Department of Health and Social Care announced that the £760 million investment is to modernise and transform NHS hospitals and community services over the next 10 years. Part of the funding includes £150 million set aside to support the NHS’s work to become more efficient. This will help to “improve the use of a digital programme… Read More →
  • Why We Love Our NHS 2 April 2018 Posted in: NHS News - In the recent Conservative Party Spring Forum, Theresa May was quoted praising our National Health Service, saying “I rely on the NHS every day and I am eternally grateful to them”. Theresa May described how she relies on the NHS every day because of her diabetes as she defended her record on public services. The Prime Minister admitted that some people question the Conservative Party's "motives" on health and schools but insisted that the conservative party cares deeply about our health service. You can read more on this story at This quote by the Prime Minister reminded us just… Read More →
  • NHS to Launch New Mental Health Service for Soldiers 19 March 2018 Posted in: NHS News - Former soldiers suffering from substance abuse, trauma and other issues will receive support from a new mental health service launched by the NHS. This service is called the Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service and will offer treatment and care to former soldiers. The new service is backed by £3.2 million of NHS funding and will help those with the most complex needs. This new service aims to help ex-soldiers access services closer to home, rather than making them travel to receive care. Read more on this at The UK Armed Forces Mental Health Annual Summary 2016/17 reported that… Read More →
  • NHS Digital Academy hailed as ‘important mechanism’ for cyber security 5 March 2018 Posted in: NHS News - In an article by Digital Health released last week, it was announced by NHS England's CIO, Will Smart, that he feels the NHS Digital Academy will be a "really important mechanism" for improving cyber security within the NHS. What is the NHS Digital Academy? The NHS Digital Academy is a virtual organisation set up to develop a new generation of digital leaders who can drive the information and technology transformation of the NHS. The Academy will provide a year long world class digital health training course to Chief Clinical Information Officers, Chief Information Officers and aspiring digital leaders from clinical,… Read More →
  • UK government framework success 23 May 2017 Posted in: Peto News - Peto has won a place on the UK government’s G-Cloud 9 framework, extending its offering throughout the NHS and other public services alongside some of the world’s leading businesses. The framework, which covers cloud hosting, software and support services, became active from May 22 and has the potential to drive the company’s growth in health care procurement. Peto Chairman Robert Osborne said: ‘Based on our successful work at Barts NHS Trust we are currently targeting other acute trusts, and this framework success will support these efforts. As we refine our approach in future we may also choose to evolve into… Read More →
  • Analyst recruitment boosts procurement savings 11 January 2017 Posted in: Peto News - Peto has launched a new analyst team to offer enhanced financial savings in NHS procurement. The company’s first Data Analyst joined the business in January 2017 and the company will build its analysis function in line with growth during the next three years. Working with Peto’s buyers and external software developers, analysts will use computerised tools and business models to study past NHS trust purchasing behaviours, interpret customer needs and translate them into savings on a broad range of medical commodities. The team will also provide an interface with Peto’s proprietary, cloud-based Procurement Analysis Database (PAnDa) to maximise potential savings… Read More →
  • Peto signs Barts NHS Trust 25 October 2016 Posted in: Uncategorised - Peto and its technology partner, Shoothill, have signed an exclusive contract with Barts Health NHS Trust to offer the Peto Process to manage procurement of a broad range of medical supplies and commodities. The contract is the result of a development programme with the Trust and marks a key milestone in the commercial evolution of Peto’s proprietary, cloud-based Procurement Analysis Database (PAnDa) system. Peto Chairman, Robert Osborne said: ‘We are delighted to sign this contract and to continue our close working relationship with Barts. We are already delivering significant procurement savings and are excited about the huge opportunities for “big… Read More →