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How We Work

Our approach is based on our proprietary, cloud-based Procurement Analysis Database (PAnDa).

In the hands of on-site buyers and a team of supply chain and product analysts, PAnDa delivers cost saving opportunities on numerous small purchases normally outside routine price competition.  By applying our approach to many items like this we can deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of savings to the NHS Trust every year.

Unlike traditional catalogue based and bulk discounting solutions, the Peto process reduces the cost of recurring low volume orders, as well as high volume and high value purchases. As our approach is adopted by other trusts, we will create a dynamic marketplace drawing on big data analysis of multiple trust data flows, which will increase savings to individual trusts and keep costs down across the NHS.

We are also evolving predictive demand models and algorithms based on seasonal, historical and behavioural patterns mapped onto products, suppliers and negotiated agreements. This will ultimately enable us to develop alertive technology to flag live stock requirements and automate ordering from lowest cost suppliers.

Our evolving business model:

Our evolving business model:
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